Monday, April 30, 2007

The Holiday

I liked this movie. Kate Winslet is wonderful.

And I like Jack Black's character, refreshing.

It's a story everyone can relate to when love and things aren't in the stars.

Saturday, February 10, 2007

The Nun

The Nun also known as La Monja. Is one of those movies you look at and you don't know if you should rent it, or see it on tv. That's the way I felt when I seen this movie in Blockbuster awhile ago. I said to myself that I was going to rent it but never got the chance.
I was looking for a movie last night to watch and I found The Nun.

Surprisly it was pretty good. The visual effects were good. Better than I have been seeing.
The story goes like this. Girls were sent to this boarding school in Spain. But something happened to one of the girls. And Sister Ursula being that she felt that her job was to wipe out all sin, fixed the problem?

Later on the girls are older now and one by one they are dying? Why? Did something happen to Sister Ursula that someone/s are trying to cover up? And what key does Mary's daughter Eve hold?

My favorite line in the movie is when a friend of theirs says "You can't kill a ghost with a spear".

Pretty intresting . Since we are dealing with a ghost?

Unholy waters hold some horrible answers.

I recommend to see this movie. It holds interest at least for me.

Thursday, February 1, 2007

The Pink Panther Strikes Again

I love The Pink Panther. So when I saw that The Pink Panther Strikes back was playing I just knew I needed to get myself settled to watch a funny movie.

It was funny. Not as funny as I would want it like the 1st one but it will have to do. Chief Inspector Jacques Clouseau (Peter Sellers) still did the zany stunts that made him famous. I think my favorite stunt was when he seemed to always find that flight of stairs. LOL!

The story was stupid. Didn't care for it. But with all the antics that were going on I tried to overlook that.

My favorite part of the movie is the scenes Inspector Clouseau had with Cato Fong, his servant I'm guessing. I never knew what they were going to do with each other. I'm just sad that some of what was in the 1st movie wasn't in this one. I even missed the orginal actors :(

I don't think I would want to watch this movie again. but give me a chance to watch The Pink Panther, and I'm talking about the orginal, (not the remake with Steve Martin) I'm the 1st to be sitting watching that movie :D

So if you ever get to see the orginal Pink Panther with Peter Sellers I suggest you don't miss the chance!

American Idol...

Oh American Idol... I just REALLY needed to say something about this. WHAT THE HELL!?!?!?! I'm sorry to put it so bluntly but I don't want to watch a show completely filled with horrible singers! Ok, I get it: Bad singers making themselves look live idiots = good ratings, but I think the producers should give their viewers a little more credit here. Last night there were only (yes, I counted) three people shown within the hour that were decent singers... out of... about 20 featured. I enjoy the occasional screwball here and there but not for a whole show. I want to get to know the contestants that will be shown throughout the competition so I can root for them. I know you have them because you let 30 of them go to Hollywood (err... well in this case stay where they were.) I would have loved to see a few of them on the show that night and wonder if they'll make it past the Hollywood rounds. Anyway, I'm glad that the next show is the last one for initial auditions... I really like the Hollywood rounds!



Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Down Periscope

Here is another movie I seen that was on tv for awhile. I seen it when it came out in 1996 and loved it than.
I was feeling a little blue last night and decided that a pick me up movie was the best. So Down Periscope was the answer.
Nothing about this movie is believeable in terms of military law. The Lt. Commader who was played by Kelsey Grammer who was kind of a rebel in this movie.
And a colorful crew to compliment the Lt. Commander. Plus 1 female officer with all those crewmates made 1 funny moment after the other.
Even though there were others who tried to sabotage their task, the crew found a way to beat the odds against them and win the war game.
I would suggest to see this movie. It's good fun :D I'm even thinking about getting it on DVD.

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

The Butcher

Last night I was waiting for my husband to get up to go to work. It was a long night with a game of swapping, I didn't feel like surfing the net. So I surfed the tv. LOL!

What is it that sucks me in to the B movies? Oh I don't know*giggles*, but of course I found something on The Butcher, year 2006. Ok the year is late enough so I settled myself down and began the movie.

You know how it goes with these movies, so many cliches`. There were 6 college students driving on a little vacation.1st you have a big mouth kid, Mark that starts it all. Thinks he's funny. His girlfriend is a know it all, I can fix anything. And 2 girls that love each other. Last but not least another guy, Adam that really likes the girl who is sweet and likes everyone.

Car breaks down and kids get out of car and go wandering to find help. No phone signal of course. Oh what is that a head of us? A farmhouse, lets go and get help. The only thing that big mouth says right is "Didn't you ever see any scary movies?, no one ever comes out of the farm house". Not heading his word they go in. They don't find anyone, or a phone but still pick up stuff and look at it.

You know if that was me. Not uh! not me I'm not staying. LOL!

Movie goes on and 1 by 1 the kids all die. Don't you think after the 1st one died they would get out of there? No girlfriend named Rachel, can fix anything, she is going to get the rest out. She was counting on this girl, named Angel that they all met and thought she was a victim of this man and woman who were cutting up people and storing their parts in the ref. to help her.But to
Rachel's surprise Angel was man and woman's daughter.

Well Rachel and Adam were the only ones left alive. Adam thinks that he got away only to find more dead people on the road. He finally tracks down the sheriff. But we all know what happens to the sheriff don't we?
A lot of screaming goes on. Yada,Yada! Adam and Rachel get to the point that they think they killed the man, woman and daughter. Sadly though Adam risked his life. Rachael runs out on road found help.
Or did she?

What a movie. How can I not want to watch the same things happening over and over. Where I just love asking them why?

Now that's scary. LOL!

Monday, January 22, 2007

Little Miss Sunshine...

Oh! What a strange but yet wonderfully positive movie. I was watching this with Sci too and we were having an argument about who was most normal. Sci declaring that the guy... I'm thinking Dewayne was, but I know that Olive was the most well-adjusted. However, further into the movie we realized that none of them were necessarily "socially acceptable" but yet as a family, they were normal.

This movie is a comedy, and this is exactly what it brings: comedy. Even when touching upon the subject of death, I couldn't help but laugh.

Although the characters were extreme, gritty, and strange; they were real and I believe that was the made the raw humor of the move stand out.

Who was my favorite character? Mine personally was Olive. The single scene that drove me to the edge to like her was when (toward the end of the movie: so if you feel anything at the movie is a spoiler, close your eyes while you read :-P ) Dewayne runs out into the desert crying and Olive comes over with the glasses slid down her nose, looks him in the eye and puts her head on his shoulder. I know not exactly funny, but the fact that is made Dewayne feel better was the humorous part.

Anyway, to My personal rating, I give it 4 out of 5 stars: ****

If you haven't seen this movie, SEE IT!